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YouTube Updates Copyright Claims Process to Help Creators Avoid Violations

YouTube’s looking to improve its copyright claim process, so that creators don’t get bombarded with multiple claims, while also providing more options it hopes will help creators amend their uploads whenever a copyright claim is submitted.

Both changes will be implemented within YouTube’s copyright claim notification emails, which will now incorporate multiple claims within one message, as opposed to sending you a new notification for each individual claim.

YouTube copyright claims message

As you can see in this example, you’ll now get a single message alerting you to any copyright claims on your videos, which will also include a set of steps that you can take to rectify the issue, including a new link to Creator Music, YouTube’s copyright-free sounds library, to replace violating sounds, where applicable.

YouTube copyright claims, or “copy strikes,” have long been a headache for creators, though the system is improving, with automated detection now eliminating many of the false claim issues that plagued the app in the past. YouTube’s also implemented an education-based process for repeat violators of its rules, in order to help them avoid removals and bans, while you can now also check your content via a pre-publish check process, in order to detect potential violations before you upload.

In combination, that’s making it much easier for creators to avoid copy strikes, though mistakes still occur, and YouTube’s still working to iron out the system completely.

But it’s better than it was, and the various options now available could help creators and brands void potential violations in their content.

You can learn more about YouTube’s updated copyright claims process here.

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