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YouTube Tests “Add Yours” Sticker for Shorts

YouTube’s testing out a new way to encourage participation with Shorts, by copying Instagram’s “Add Yours” sticker, which itself was duplicated from TikTok’s Duet option.

Originality is overrated anyway I guess, but then again, the platforms themselves keep telling creators to post original content.

YouTube’s own version of the “Add Yours” sticker, currently in limited testing, will function the same as IG’s version, with creators able to encourage participation by prompting viewers with a challenge or question.

YouTube Shorts Add Yours

As you can see in this example, now, creators will be able to include the “Add Yours” prompt to prompt specific response.

As explained by YouTube:

“If you’re a Creator in the experiment you’ll see an “Add Yours” sticker available in the sticker picker. To try it out, record a Short, tap “Next,” then tap the sticker icon and select “Add Yours” and type in what you like others to respond to.”

Viewers will then be able to add their own take on your prompt by clicking on the prompt.

Which, again, is a copy of IG, and both of which are following the lead of TikTok in trying to encourage more participatory trends in the app.

Which is one area where TikTok has been very successful. TikTok is good at getting users to add their own takes, and that engagement then fuels more content, and more participation, driving its engagement cycle.

YouTube and Instagram users are less likely to post themselves, but maybe, through direct prompts like this, YouTube will be able to get more viewers trying it out, and facilitate new trends.

It does feel a little artificial in this sense, but if it works…

YouTube says that the experiment is rolling out on mobile “to a small number of shorts creators around the world.”

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