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YouTube Launches Premium Placement Option for YouTube Shorts Ads, Provides Shorts Ads Tips

YouTube’s looking to help advertisers ensure prime placement for their Shorts ads, with a new YouTube Select Shorts” option, that’ll enable brands to place their ads alongside top Shorts content in various categories.

With YouTube Select Shorts, advertisers will be able to choose from placement alongside the best-performing Shorts in five categories:

  • Entertainment
  • Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle
  • Food & Recipes
  • Gaming
  • Automotive

That’ll provide more control over your Shorts promotions, and ensure the best opportunity for exposure to viewers in specific niches.

And there is opportunity there. According to YouTube, Shorts are now viewed by 2 billion logged-in users every month, while Shorts viewership on TVs has also increased rapidly, helped by its improved presentation of short-form clips within its CTV app.

As such, it could be a valuable consideration for your video campaigns.

In addition to this, YouTube has also provided some new tips on how to maximize your Shorts content, via a dedicated section in its “ABCD’s of Effective Ads” element.

The new Shorts section of ABCDs provides handy tips and notes on how to improve your Shorts content approach.

YouTube Shorts ad tips

There are some good notes here, and while most of the pointers are similar to what you’ve already read from TikTok and IG Reels, it is still worth having a look at the advice, and considering these elements in your Shorts approach.

You can download YouTube Shorts ads tips here.

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