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YouTube Launches New Subscriber Analytics to Assist in Content Planning

YouTube has announced some new analytics updates, including insight into why subscribers cancel their channel subscription, which could assist in your future planning.

In addition to this, YouTube’s also providing more specific insight into how new and returning viewers engage with your content in isolation, another helpful driver for your planning.

First off, on new and returning viewers. YouTube has added a new element in Studio analytics which will provide separate measures for each viewer cohort, which will help you understand what new viewers are watching.

As explained by YouTube:

“Before the launch of this new feature, creators could only see how many new or returning viewers they had, or how many views they got, from all viewers. But now, creators have the ability to see how different audience segments watch their content. This means that creators can now see how many views they got from new viewers, and compare it to the number of views from returning viewers.”

Which could be helpful in content planning, as you look to expand your audience. By knowing how many new viewers are coming to each of your clips, you can better plan based on what these visitors are interested in.

YouTube’s also added a “New and Returning Viewers” tab, which will provide creators with a dedicated space to analyze the performance of their content based on audience segments.

The expanded data sorting options will provide more context as to what’s driving views within each segment, which will give you more planning context, and could be a key guide in your process.

YouTube also continues to expand its analytics cards, with new data cards providing insight into channel memberships.

YouTube analytics cards

As you can see, the new cards provide more context on total member counts, as well as which of your videos are driving more subscriptions. That’s another fine-tuned data point to understand audience behavior, so you can analyze what it is about each clip that has more (or less) resonance for paying members.  

YouTube’s also adding a new card that will provide context as to why people choose to cancel their memberships.

YouTube member cancellation data

“When a member cancels their membership, they will now be asked to provide a reason for their cancellation through an optional survey. This data will be collected and displayed in a separate card on the memberships chip. B understanding the reasons why members cancel their memberships, creators can gain valuable insights into potential improvements or changes to their content or membership offerings.”

It could be another valuable guide to help improve your channel’s appeal with your most valuable audience.

These are good, granular data updates, which could play a key role in your YouTube content planning. And while for some channels, they may not provide a heap of insight, as you continue to grow and expand your YouTube presence, understanding these specifics could play a key role in maximizing your content performance.

You can learn more about YouTube’s latest analytics updates here.

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