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YouTube Adds Playlist Analytics, New Insights to Assist in Content Planning

YouTube has announced new analytics for Playlists, as well as some smaller tweaks and updates in YouTube Studio to help manage your YouTube content.

First off, on Playlist analytics. Now, creators will see a new “Playlist” element in the “Content” tab, which will enable you to compare the performance of your playlists side-by-side.

YouTube playlist analytics

As explained by YouTube:

“By clicking on a playlist you’ll see grouped analytics for the videos in this playlist. This feature is similar to analytics groups in advanced mode, but for your playlist.”

That’ll give you another means to measure viewer behavior, and how grouping your content impacts engagement.

YouTube has also rolled out Content Gap insights in the “Research” tab on desktop, after releasing the same on mobile last year.

Content gap insights highlight queries related to your channel that are not currently being adequately served in the app. That could help you find new topics to focus on in order to maximize alignment with search intent.

Though you could already access these in another element. YouTube first launched Content Gap insights within its Search Insights tab in Creator Studio in April 2022.

YouTube’s also added a way to highlight top community clips, to maximize cross-platform engagement, while it’s also rolling out scheduled members-only videos, to help creators better plan and build hype around their launches.

Members with notifications enabled will receive an alert when the video is available as members only. Notifications will go out again when the video goes public, the same way as if you’d manually upload it as public.”

These are smaller updates, but they could be relevant for your planning, and they could help to maximize viewer engagement through advanced analytics and planning.

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