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X’s Audio Calling Option is Now Live for Some Users

I don’t really get why Elon and Co. are so excited about this. But apparently, X’s new audio calling feature is now live in the latest iOS version of the app.

As you can see in this example, shared by X News Daily, users can now make an audio call from their X DMs, with video calls coming soon.

X News Daily also notes that because the system is using CallKit on iOS, audio calls received via X will look like regular phone calls on your device.

X audio calls

So, cool, now people on X will be able to call you on the phone, though considering that some 88% percent of Millennials prefer texting over audio calls, and few people even bother to answer their phone these days, I’m not sure that this is the killer update that X seems to think.

These days, the only phone calls I get are from spam marketers or my family, while overall trends show that more and more people are turning to DMs to stay in touch. Which X already has, so I don’t see why adding audio or video calls will be a significant update for the app.

But it’s all part of Elon’s “everything app” vision.

Elon’s view is that X will become an all-encompassing platform, where you can conduct every type of interaction and transaction in one place. Audio and video calls are a part of that, and it’ll be interesting to see if people actually use it, or if it leads to more unwanted calls or related issues as a result.

It’s not clear as yet whether both options will be X Premium only features, though that has been the direction they’ve been heading in development.  

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