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X Will Soon Enable Advertisers to Create Ad Audiences with AI

The platform formerly known as Twitter is adding another AI element, with advertisers to soon be given the capacity to create ad audiences for their X campaigns via conversational descriptions.

As you can see in this example, soon, you’ll be able to simply describe the audience that you want to reach, like “users who are leaders in technology”, and X’s AI matching system will then provide you with an ad audience based on that description.

You’ll be able to see an overview of top users in the generated audience, their related interests, locations, etc. And if it’s not exactly who you’re looking to reach, you’ll then be able to add more to your description, and refine your targeting further, without needing in-depth knowledge of the specific targeting and audience terms.

Which is pretty much the same as what Google announced as part of its NewFronts presentation last month.

Google AI audience creation

X seems to be taking a more simplistic approach, at least in its example, but the base idea is that by using generative AI, you can then enable the ad system to extrapolate the perfect audience for each campaign, based on straightforward descriptions of exactly who you want to reach.

Which could be a big development, with a heap of value for many advertisers. If it works.

The proof here will be in execution, and the results that brands actually get from their campaigns when they rely on X’s automated targeting.

But X is confident that its targeting systems will deliver. The platform recently noted that its improved AI audience matching and placement tools are now driving a 10% increase in click-through rates, on average, and a 16% increase in conversions.

Which sounds positive, and could provide better options for creating ad audiences in the app, and if you are using, or looking to use X ads, it could be worth an experiment.

Many advertisers, of course, are still avoiding X due to concerns about its revised view of moderation, and owner Elon Musk’s own controversial posts. Neither of these issues appears likely to be addressed, but again, if you’re still finding value in X ads, and your audience is still there, this could be a valuable option.

Once it’s released.

X’s only guidance on this is that it’s “coming soon”, so we’ll have to wait and see when it’s actually made available in the app.  

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