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X Will Now Enable Advertisers to Target Only Premium Subscribers

While advertising on X is probably not the most popular option at the moment, with many big-name brands pulling back from the platform, due to owner Elon Musk’s continued controversial stances, there are still many millions of people using the app every day, which could present significant opportunity, if they’re among your target audience.

And today, X has added a new ad option to consider, with marketers now able to target X Premium subscribers specifically with their campaigns.

X Premium ads

As you can see in this example, posted by X engineer Nate Esparza, X has added a new tick box in the ad creation process which will enable you to hone your ads on paying users, which could offer more value for those looking to reach active spenders in the app.

I mean, they’re paying for X, so they’ve likely got a higher level of expendable income, right?

There is a question, however, as to how many people you’ll be able to reach, given that fewer than 1% of X users are currently signed up to X Premium.

X is still trying to boost this, by adding new elements for paying users, like access to its Grok AI chatbot. Not sure how much of a lure that will be, but Elon and Co. remain dedicated to their push to make more people pay to use the app, as a means to reduce the platform’s reliance on ad dollars, and thus, free it from the constraints of advertiser-friendly content moderation.

Which will then enable X to allow more types of speech in the app, with users themselves then dictating what’s true and what’s not via Community Notes.

In principle, this could work, but the initiative hasn’t caught on thus far, while Elon’s repeated attacks on big brands, celebrities, journalists, basically all of the users that have traditionally brought people to the app, are also unlikely to yield long-term success.

But if your audience is there, and you know that the crowd you want to reach are X Premium subscribers it could be worth trying out this new toggle, and seeing what results you get.

X says that the new setting is active for all advertisers, via campaign set-up.

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