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X Says That There are Now 750k Jobs Listed via X Hiring in the App

Maybe X was onto something with its new job listings element, with the platform now claiming that there are over 750,000 roles currently being advertised in the app, less than six months after X Jobs was initially launched.

X first launched job listings on business profiles back in August, which is currently a feature of its Verification for Organizations package, which costs $1,000 per month, or $200 per month in a new, scaled-down version.

Verification for Organizations seemingly hasn’t seen big take-up overall, though X has also gifted the package to many of its top ad partners in order to spark more interest. And those early partners have clearly warmed to the option, with hundreds of thousands of open roles now available to search in the app.

X job search

It’s a pretty big jump in activity from the “hundreds” of companies that X reported had listed vacant roles back in September. We don’t have exact stats on how many brands have signed up for a gold checkmark in the app, but evidently, many are taking up the opportunity to expand their candidate outreach to the platform.

I mean, really, it shouldn’t be a huge surprise. Many users have been making professional connections in the app for years, and the opportunity to formalize that with actual job listings is a somewhat logical step. What would be more interesting, then, would be to see what the success rate is for X Hiring, and whether the candidates found through X are better or worse than those gleaned through other apps.

Either way, the numbers reflect a lot of potential, which could give X more business outreach opportunities in future. As noted, X doesn’t specifically charge for X Hiring, as it’s part of its gold checkmark verification package, but as more businesses use it, that could work as a good promotion for its Verification for Business offering, which it recently also announced will be available to SMBs for a lower price.

Maybe that could get more businesses to sign up.

We’ll have to wait and see, but if X is able to capitalize on this interest, it could be another consideration for future growth.

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