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X Previews New Bookmark Search Option

If you use X’s bookmarks feature a lot, then this will help.

X is close to launching a new Bookmarks search functionality, which, as it sounds, will enable you to re-find things that you’ve marked in the app within your Bookmarks list.

As per this example, posted by X designer Andrea Conway, Bookmarks search will provide a simple UI that will enable you to quickly find posts that you’ve tagged and added to your folders.

X has been working to put more focus on Bookmarks as a means to help boost engagement, first, by adding bookmark counts to the post details view, which provides more context as to how people are interacting with your posts, while also counting Bookmarks as “quiet likes”, which then gives your post an extra algorithmic boost.

Why the focus on Bookmarks, a function that Twitter originally added in 2018?

It’s not exactly clear, but X owner Elon Musk seemingly only found out that they even existed after he purchased the app, which then set him on a path to highlighting the value of bookmarks to improve the user experience.

Back in December, Elon tweeted that he felt the bookmarks function had been hidden behind an ‘obscure UI’, which had likely stopped many users from utilizing it. He then vowed to make bookmarks a bigger element, which has led to the broader emphasis on the option.

Are people actually using it more often as a result? Well, presumably they are. X hasn’t shared any specific data on this, but the fact that it continues to promote the option in new ways, and add new functionality, would suggest that a significant proportion of people are using it.

In terms of practical value for marketers, there’s not really a heap that you can do to utilize Bookmarks, though it may be worth noting what gets bookmarked in the app, in variance to what gets the most likes, replies, etc.

And again, for those that do use them a lot, a search option could be handy.

Bookmark search is set to be released very soon in the app.

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