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X Preview New Bookmark Alerts In-Stream

X is testing out some new in-feed prompts for your bookmarked posts, which will show up at regular intervals to remind you of the content that you’ve previously tagged in the app.

X Bookmark prompts

As you can see in this example, posted by X designer Andrea Conway, the new prompts will be displayed between your regular feed posts, which could be a handy way to keep you aware of things of note, while it could also help to increase engagement in the app.

Bookmarks have become a bigger focus under Elon Musk, who apparently only discovered that the function even exists early last year. Since then, Elon and Co. have implemented various changes to make bookmarks a bigger UI focus, including a bookmark counter on posts, while X also now counts bookmarks as “quiet likes”, giving them extra reach as a result of the user tags.

And that does seem to have had some impact.

Back in November, X CEO Linda Yaccarino reported that X users are now bookmarking posts over 65 million times per day, up 30% on previous activity.

With this in mind, facilitating more discovery, and reminders for those finds, within the app makes sense, and could prove to be a handy, valuable new element.

There’s no official word on when this new update will be launched, but X says that it’s coming “very soon”.

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