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X Announces New Integration with StreamYard for Live-Stream Broadcasts

Good news for X live-streamers, with the platform announcing a new integration with StreamYard which will enable you to display X comments in streams via StreamYard’s platform.

X StreamYard

StreamYard is a live-stream management platform, which provides more control and broadcasting options, linked to various platforms. And now, you’ll be able to display X comments live in your streams, which is another step in X’s broader push to make live-streaming a bigger element in the app.

Elon Musk has been working to promote game streams specifically, as a means to bring more content into the X ecosystem.

Musk himself has shared several demonstrations of X’s advancing game-streaming tools in recent weeks, though its options do still remain a fair way behind its various competitors on this element. 

Elon’s view is that X should be able to compete with every other video platform, in all aspects, even looking to beat out YouTube on creator revenue share. Which would be no small feat, considering the established process that YouTube has for creator monetization. But with his Creator Revenue Share system now feeding money through to top creators in the app, Musk and Co. are now working on new developments, like live-stream improvements, in order to maximize the creative options in the app.

Expanded broadcasting options are another aspect, and the integration with StreamYard will facilitate more tools to help customize and maximize your X live streams.

Expect to see more X live stream improvements in 2024, and if you’re looking to maximize your reach in the app, it could be a good consideration for your planning. 

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