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X Adds Khloe Kardashian to its Original Video Creator Slate

X has added another big name to its evolving video content slate, with a Kardashian coming on board in an exclusive content deal.

No, not Kim or Kylie, but Khloé Kardashian has signed an agreement with X to create a new, 26-part “video podcast” on the platform.

As per X:

Khloé will star in and produce this refreshing new series, as one of the world’s most famous personalities blends her boundary-pushing sense of humor with her signature relatability to tackle dilemmas ranging from the everyday to the ever absurd.

Sounds great, I guess.

X is touting the new show as part of its new Originals on X” slate of programming, which will “center on premium, talent-driven concepts” that will initially be available only in the app.

Though for all of its noise about becoming a “video first” platform, and its increasing focus on video as a means to drive more engagement, I’m not sure that its current programming is going to be breaking any viewership records anytime soon.

Thus far, X has signed exclusive content deals with:

Yeah, a lot of these seem like fairly niche programs, that are unlikely to hold wide appeal. But then again, sign-up enough of these smaller audience shows, and that will eventually become a big, cumulative audience. Right?

I don’t know, I don’t see these being big attractions for ad partners, and I don’t see how these are elevating X’s video product in any significant way.

It’s also interesting to note this approach in contrast to past Twitter video initiatives, which included signing exclusive contracts with the MLB, NFL, and NBA to air games directly in the app.

Even those didn’t work out, so it’s hard to see why these less popular offerings are going to drive a new “video first” era for the app.

But X is certain that this is the way forward, and that celebrity-led shows are going to bring a broader audience to the app, which, in turn, will enable greater opportunities for all creators.

We’ll find out, but it seems like X still has a way to go in securing a truly valuable video content slate.

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