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X Adds Incognito Mode Controls for Spaces Hosts

X is adding a new control that will enable Spaces hosts to decide if they let non logged-in and private users join their chats in the app.

This week, X has added a new “Allow Incognito” setting to Spaces, which will let Spaces hosts decide which users tune into their audio discussion.

Spaces incognito

As you can see in this example, shared by app researcher Radu Onescu, Spaces hosts can now activate this new toggle to ensure anonymous users can join their Spaces chats, or not, which essentially means that they can also lock it down to only logged-in users if they choose.

Tuning into Spaces anonymously is along somewhat similar lines to the option to hide your verification checkmark back in July, which seemingly acknowledges the fact that some people now view this as a negative marker, which negates the whole concept of selling blue ticks in the first place.

But with X owner Elon Musk continuing to take divisive stances, and align himself with controversial figures, it makes sense that at least some of his fans might also want to distance themselves from the platform, even if just in perception.

The same goes for Spaces chats. Just recently, Musk took part in a Spaces discussion with notorious conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, and controversial influencer Andrew Tate, which is something that a lot of people may have wanted to tune into, but also might not want people to know that they were listening.

Indeed, Musk has even offered to pay the legal fees of anyone whose career is impacted as a result of their activity on X, which further highlights the concerns that some have around engaging in the app, and points to the need for an incognito mode to help maximize engagement.

I suspect that most people won’t look to log into Spaces chats anonymously, but it could be a handy option, in order to allow non logged-in users to join, as well as for those who really want to tune into potentially spicy discussions, but don’t want such linked to their name.

The new control option ensures that Spaces hosts maintain control over that anonymity. The new setting is currently being tested with selected users.

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