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WhatsApp Rolls Out Pinned Chats to Maintain Focus on Key Discussion Elements

WhatsApp’s rolling out a new option that will enable you to pin a message or message element within a chat, which will provide a simple way to prioritize certain discussions or reminders within your WhatsApp stream.

As you can see in this example, now, when you pin a chat in your WhatsApp stream, it’ll remain listed at the top of the chat window as members scroll, making it easy to refer back to and interact with.

You can pin a chat for 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days, while you can also pin polls, images, emojis, etc.

It could be a handy way to keep members focused on key events, times, interactions, etc.

A sporting group could pin their upcoming game time, for example, a work group might have a pending project date. There’s a range of ways in which it could be useful to have a persistent reminder at the top of the chat.

Pinned chats are available in both one-on-one chats and groups, with group admins able to choose whether all members can pin a chat, or only admins.

To pin a chat, users will be able to long-press on a conversation element, then select “Pin” from the menu.

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