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WhatsApp Announces New Sponsorship Deal with Mercedes F1 team

WhatsApp has signed a major partnership deal, joining the Mercedes AMG F1 racing team for the 2024 Formula One season, and beyond.

The deal, WhatsApp’s first-ever sports sponsorship, will see the Mercedes team post exclusive content to WhatsApp, with a particular focus on WhatsApp channels. WhatsApp launched its Channels one-to-many group messaging feature back in July, and the Mercedes team has already established a presence via the offering.

Mercedes F1 began using WhatsApp Channels in September, and has now built an audience of over 650,000 followers in the app.

Channels have fast become a valuable connection option, as more users switch to DMs to stay in touch (as opposed to posting feed updates), and more people become increasingly reliant on WhatsApp as their messaging platform of choice.

The added security and privacy of WhatsApp has long made it invaluable in many regions outside the U.S., but now, it’s also seeing a rise in U.S. usage as well.

The new deal with Mercedes F1 will help to solidify this, and could also bring more focus to WhatsApp channels as a connective option, which more brands should consider for their outreach.

The deal will also see WhatsApp branding displayed during F1 events, and will help to further promote the use of the messaging app in Western regions.

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