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WhatsApp Adds New Text Formatting Options To Improve Communications

After testing them out with selected users over the past few months, WhatsApp has today officially announced its new text formatting options, which are now available on both Android and iOS.

As you can see in this overview, all of your favorite text formatting options are coming to your WhatsApp chats, including numbered lists, block quotes, bold, italics, etc.

WhatsApp text formatting

Which will provide more capacity to add context to your messages in the app, and ideally facilitate greater understanding in your texts.

Which is always a challenge, as there’s not a lot of nuance in basic text form. Sarcasm, in particular, can be missed, and misinterpretation can lead to less-than-ideal outcomes.

As such, these new tools should help, and should add something extra to your WhatsApp chats, in varying context.

And with more conversations switching from social apps to private messaging, and WhatsApp, in particular, seeing more growth in Western markets, they could also be of benefit for your business outreach options.

As noted, WhatsApp’s been testing the new formatting options for some time, with selected iOS users getting access to them last year, and some Android users seeing them in a recent update.

But now, everyone will be able to try them out, by simply adding the relevant symbols to your texts.

The new text formatting options are available in the latest version of the app.

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