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WhatsApp Adds Community Events to Facilitate Engagement

WhatsApp has announced some new updates for its “Communities” feature, which enables users to connect via group chats based on topics, locations, sports teams, etc.

First off, WhatsApp’s adding Community Events, which will enable Community members to highlight upcoming functions and gatherings in-stream.

WhatsApp Community Events

As you can see in this example, Community Events will provide a simple way to highlight and organize relevant events in the group chat.

As explained by WhatsApp:

“With events it’s now easier for people to plan their get togethers directly in WhatsApp, whether it’s setting up a virtual meeting or birthday dinner. Anyone can create an event and others can respond so the whole group knows who is coming.”

Events will be displayed within the group chat when announced, and also in the group’s information page, so members have a means to keep track of upcoming functions. Members who register to attend (or take part) will also get an automatic reminder notification when the event is getting close.

It’s another way to use the feature to arrange more kinds of social connection, which could be helpful in managing expanded interaction and participation.

WhatsApp says that events are coming to groups that belong to a Community first, and will roll out to all groups over the coming months.

WhatsApp’s also adding replies to Announcement Groups, so that admins can glean responses from their members, and members can get a sense of how announcements are being received.

WhatsApp Community Events

As you can see in this example, replies in Announcement Groups will provide another means to track community response, within a centralized stream. WhatsApp says that this feature will also be rolling out over the coming months.

Communities have been a helpful addition to WhatsApp, providing another means to use the platform to organize and engage with different topics and interests.

Originally launched in 2022, Communities provides a broader social element to the app. And with more social communications now switching to DMs and DM groups, they also align with the shift in online interaction, facilitating more options for building connections in the app.

These new additions are relatively minor in the broader scheme, but they provide more functionality for an increasingly important element.

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