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TikTok’s New ‘Artist Accounts’ Help Promote Emerging Musicians

TikTok’s looking to further solidify its links with the music industry with the launch of a new “Artist Account” option, which will provide more tools to help musicians build their presence in the app.

While the feature is called “Artist Account,” it may as well be labeled “Musician,” because right now, all of the features are aligned with helping musicians to promote their content in-stream. Though maybe, TikTok could look to expand on this in the future to help highlight a broader range of artists and creators.

As explained by TikTok:

“The Artist Account is a toolbox of features and promotional tools developed to forge a closer relationship between artist and fan on TikTok. Now available to every artist or musician that has released music, the Artist Account is the shop window for fans to learn more about your music, creative process and to discover the latest releases.

TikTok’s Artist accounts will provide a range of showcase options, including a new “Artist” tag for profiles, as well as a dedicated music tab to showcase your latest tracks.

TikTok artist account

Artist account holders will also be able to highlight their latest tracks for up to 14 days before release, and for 30 days after with a “New” tag, while they’ll also be able to pin a preferred post to the top of the discovery page for their music.

TikTok artist account

There are also additional elements, like the capacity to create “Behind the Song” explainer clips that will show up in search streams, and other music highlight features.

It’s a smart update, especially given the app’s rising value as a music discovery source, which now sees more and more musicians looking to establish themselves in the app.

Indeed, TikTok is now a critical consideration for record labels as they work to showcase their latest artists and tracks. The platform has already sparked new careersrejuvenated older ones, and even now has some artists changing the names of their songs to better align with in-app trends.

TikTok next month will host its own real-life concert event, as it looks to double-down on its music discovery power and solidify its industry presence.

Providing emerging artists with new promotional tools is another step designed to help TikTok strengthen its position as a key destination for music promotion and discovery.   

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