Looking to work with a TikTok creator to maximize your in-app promotions in 2024?

This could help.

Today, TikTok has unveiled its latest “Creator Class” graduates, who’ve undergone TikTok-facilitated training in how to work with brands to improve campaign performance.

TikTok Certified Creators

As per TikTok:

These talented people have graduated from our Certified Creator program, which teaches creators to become branded content experts, and use our creative tools to become branded content experts and help advertisers drive success on TikTok. The creators in this year’s spotlight have made TikTok ads for brands within massive industries, and helped solidify TikTok as a go-to destination for impactful marketing.”

TikTok Certified Creators

TikTok’s Certified Creator Program provides training for creators to help them better understand how to work with brands to boost their in-app performance.

Creators who complete the program are awarded with a “Certified Creator” badge, as well as priority display to selected brand partners, and early access to coming TikTok features.

Given the creative, native focus of TikTok content, many brands are looking to work with those who understand the platform in order to ensure they get the most from their campaigns. And for TikTok, the program also provides a monetization pathway for top talent, which, ideally, will keep them posting to the app.

The program is an extension of TikTok’s Creator Marketplace, which provides a broader overview of talent that’s open to work with brands.

It could be worth considering for your 2024 TikTok push. You can learn more about the latest Certified Creator program graduates here.

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