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TikTok Shares Tips on How Brands Can Tap Into the Paris Olympics Conversation

With the 2024 Olympics coming up this July, TikTok has shared some new insights into how marketers can plan for the event, and ensure that they’re maximizing their messaging in alignment with the related celebration.

In two new blog posts, TikTok’s ads team has provided a range of tips and notes on Olympic-related trends, which could factor into your planning.

First off, TikTok’s team has outlined the expected conversation around the event, and when it’ll ramp up.

As per TikTok:

The impact of the Summer Games on TikTok is evident in the remarkable viewership it attracts: TikTok videos with the Summer Games-related hashtag amassed an incredible 6.9 billion views between July and August 2021 (during the rescheduled Games in Tokyo). The conversation around the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo kicked off months prior to the opening ceremony and continued for weeks after the closing ceremony.

TikTok Olympics

You’ll note that TikTok says “Summer Games” instead of “the Olympics”. That’s because the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is very active in protecting their IP, and basically restrict any coverage from non-approved outlets.

Which can, at times, make it hard to cover, and in the age of social media, it also poses some even more unique challenges. But its restrictions remain in place, which is worth noting for related coverage and discussion.

Because the same rules also apply, in varying form, to all company mentions of the games specifically. Indeed, under Rule 40 of the Olympic Charter, brands who are not official Olympic sponsors are restricted from using any of the Olympic trademark words or phrases, including “Olympian”, “medals”, even “games”.

Yeah, it’s pretty extensive, and if you are going to put together an Olympic tie-in campaign, it is also worth familiarizing yourself with these rules.

You can learn more about Rule 40, and how it applies to the Paris 2024 games, here.

With that in mind, TikTok says that brands can still tap into the Olympics excitement through a range of in-app communities.

“TikTok offers brands a natural space to join and contribute to the Summer Games conversation. The broad appeal of the moment extends to various interests and industries beyond sports, including Beauty & MakeupFashion, and Travel. This rich tapestry of communities, known as CommunityToks, provides brands with unique opportunities to target, reach and engage diverse audiences with relevant, timely content.”

So you’re really looking to make Olympic content that doesn’t directly mention the Games or Games athletes. Which can be an interesting creative challenge in itself, but it may also lead to a broader range of marketing opportunities through expanded thinking.

TikTok has also shared a range of stats on fan engagement around the event, which points to the potential for boosting brand awareness.

TikTok Olympics

There are some handy notes here, along with specific recommendations of TikTok ad types and opportunities which work best with the event.

And again, given that the Olympics are going to be a key focus between July and August, if you want to maximize your opportunities, it is worth considering your potential angles, and how you can link into the hype.

National pride, fan engagement, comedic takes, all of these could be ways that your brand can drive related engagement, without specifically mentioning such, and breaking IOC rules.

You can read more of TikTok’s Olympic tie-in tips here and here.

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