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TikTok Shares New Trend Insights with Monthly “Trends Digest”

Looking for ways to tap into the latest trends on TikTok?

This will help. TikTok has launched a new monthly “Trends Digest” series, which will provide an overview of the latest trends that are gaining traction in the app, with additional notes on how you can incorporate each into your content approach.

TikTok says that it’s identified its trending list by taking a broader view of what’s gaining traction, as opposed to smaller “moments” and fads.

As explained by TikTok:

When it comes to defining trends on TikTok, there’s a difference between what’s trending now and being on-trend: we refer to these as ‘Trend Moments’ versus ‘Trend Signals’. Numerous small Trend Moments make up a larger Trend Signal. Focusing on Trend Moments can be a challenge as keeping up with trending content requires a high level of reactivity. On the other hand, Trend Signals represent a more accessible entry point for brands to stay on-trend by building a solid foundation and understanding of trending content.

So it’s more about grasping the broader concepts that define the trends, which should give you a better grounding for more relevant creation, as opposed to trying to latch on to every other daily thing.

TikTok further explains that every trend is made up of four key elements which defines the broader topic.

TikTok Trends Digest

It’s these elements, in combination, which will incorporate various trend clips, which is how TikTok’s looking to define the focus for its new Trends Digest.

So what’s this month’s trend of note?

TikTok Trends Digest

As explained by TikTok:

“Whether it’s through carousel slides or conversational videos featuring two characters, the common thread of these videos is how they put powerfully optimistic spins on relatable everyday situations, allowing users to see themselves in the narratives.

As you can see in the above overview, TikTok has provided specific pointers as to how marketers can tap into the trend, and create content that aligns with broader engagement behaviors.

It’s an interesting experiment, which could help you better understand the mechanics of TikTok engagement, and how each trend could relate to your branding efforts in the app.

TikTok says that it will highlight new overarching trends like this every month, which could end up being a big help in your approach.

You can check out the full TikTok Trend Digest overview here.

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