TikTok has launched a new video series that will highlight how leading ad execs are approaching the app, which could give you more inspiration and guidance for your TikTok content.

The new “Made for TikTok” series will include a range of ad experts sharing their insights and tips on how to make best use of the app for your brand efforts.

As explained by TikTok:

We’ve created Made For TikTok: Talking Creative to inspire creative professionals in the art of crafting content and campaigns that resonate with the TikTok community. Through inspirational conversations with industry leaders from creative agencies, in-house brand teams, and creator agencies, you’ll learn how to ideate, pitch, and produce TikTok-first content that not only drives commercial success but also leaves a lasting cultural impact.

I mean, that’s an ambitious goal, but essentially, the video series will provide you with expert insights into how big players in the space are approaching TikTok promotions, and how they view the app as a vehicle for connecting with a broader audience.

The first episode features Matt Ian, the Chief Creative Officer at Deutsch LA, who headed the creative team that was responsible for Taco Bell’s “Anti-Hero” campaign.

There are some valuable notes and pointers here, which could help to get you thinking about your own TikTok marketing approach.

The first video in the series is live now, with more to come in TikTok’s YouTube playlist.

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