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TikTok Provides New Guidance Elements for Creators to Ensure Compliance with its Rules

TikTok’s looking to provide more guidance for creators around its platform rules and expectations, with a range of new updates designed to facilitate increased transparency and understanding.

First off, TikTok’s adding new warning notes for creators who violate its rules.

TikTok creator alerts

As explained by TikTok:

We’ve introduced a warning strike when a creator violates our Community Guidelines for the first time. The warning strike does not count toward an account’s strike tally, but any future violations will. We notify creators about which rule they’ve broken and how they can appeal if they believe a mistake has been made.”

TikTok further notes that “zero-tolerance policies” (like incitement to violence) aren’t eligible for these reminders, but for lesser violations, creators will now get a warning, giving them additional opportunity to understand and stay within the rules.

The idea is that by facilitating more understanding, as opposed to straight punishment, that will improve relationships and understanding, which will lead to better outcomes across its broader creator ecosystem.

TikTok’s also launching a new “Account Check” element, which will enable creators to see if any restrictions are currently in place on their account.

TikTok Account Check

[Account Check] will enable creators to quickly audit their account, and their last 30 posts, and see at a glance whether they are in good standing on TikTok. Account Check will also include information about whether access to certain features, like comments or direct messaging, has been restricted due to violations.”

The listing will also show if your content has been removed for breaking the rules, or has been restricted from reaching the For You feed.

It’s similar to Instagram’s “Account Status”, providing another means to ensure that you’re operating within the platform’s rules, and are not being penalized for violations.

Or, if you are being penalized, at least you’ll be able to confirm, so you have a better understanding of your content performance.

Finally, TikTok’s also published its Creator Code of Conduct, which will take effect in the coming weeks.

The Code of Conduct outlines standards that TikTok expects creators looking to be involved in its various programs adhere to, both on and off-platform.

And most of it is as you would expect:

  • No bullying and harassment
  • Don’t promote or participate in harmful or dangerous activities
  • Don’t risk the safety and well-being of minors
  • Don’t engage in sexual misconduct
  • No hate speech
  • No criminal activity

Pretty much the baseline expectation for any normal human being, but TikTok’s looking to cover itself in case it finds out that any participants are involved in such, which would then give it grounds to boot them from its official programs.

The new overviews will provide more insight and understanding, which should help TikTok creators ensure compliance with these rules.

You can learn more about TikTok’s creator transparency updates here.

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