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TikTok Provides More Ad Metrics to Better Track the Performance of In-App Campaigns

TikTok’s looking to provide more insight into the actual performance of TikTok ads, with new Attribution Analytics, which will better connect the dots between ad exposure and conversion.

TikTok Attribution Analytics

TikTok’s Attribution Analytics, built into the TikTok Ad Manager platform, will provide more in-depth insight into how your campaigns are driving engagement and response, via various new tracking and display options.

As per TikTok:

We will launch a series of features for Attribution Analytics. The first feature, included as part of this release, is Performance Comparison, a measurement tool that visualizes conversions across different time windows to help advertisers find an attribution strategy that works for their business.

Performance Comparison, which is displayed in the image above, will also enable marketers to track a range of additional actions resulting from their ads, including “View Content”, “Add to Cart”, and “Initiate Checkout”, in addition to straight conversion data.

Performance Comparison will also highlight the impact on key performance metrics when measured across different attribution windows: “such as the number of conversions that occurred across a 7-day click-through window compared to a 28-day click-through window.”

The added data will then better enable you to see how your TikTok ads actually drive consumer activity, with more features coming soon.

According to TikTok, most conversations that should be attributed to in-app exposure go uncounted, because of the way in which people use the app to browse during an active session, then browse and buy at a later stage. Indeed, one recent report showed that traditional last-click ad metrics undervalue TikTok conversions by a whopping 73%while 79% of purchases that are driven by TikTok are not captured through common attribution methods.

Which is why TikTok is now looking to implement more robust performance tracking solutions, in the hopes that it will better highlight exactly how significant a driver TikTok can be for ad campaigns.

And with TikTok being the trending app of the moment, especially among younger audiences, it makes sense to give the platform more focus, with added insight potentially providing more justification for exactly that.

As noted, TikTok says that it’ll continue to add more metrics and insights over time, in order to help marketers better understand the impact of their TikTok campaigns.

You can learn more about Performance Comparison here.

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