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TikTok Launches Updated Events API To Facilitate Campaign Performance Tracking

TikTok has announced an updated Events API, which will enable advertisers to better track their ad campaign performance in a more secure and enclosed way, by directly connecting their internal data with TikTok’s systems.

The new Events API facilitates server-to-server (S2S) integration with TikTok, which then enables advertisers to cross-match their internal data with TikTok via secure connection.

As per TikTok:

“By sharing this marketing data with TikTok, advertisers are able to unlock the performance advertising benefits of better optimization and delivery.”

Under the current system, TikTok offers three different endpoints for its API, feeding in from different sources. But the updated Events API will integrate all three, making it easier to effectively tap into these insights from the client end.

TikTok Events API

That’ll simplify your data tracking process, by helping TikTok’s system understand related visits, conversions, etc. TikTok says that this will help marketers mitigate data losses as a result of cookies being phased out, and other data privacy shifts.

Which is set to become a bigger challenge for marketers as more of these new controls are implemented. Consumers want to have more control over the data used to target them, and as such, all online platforms are gradually shifting towards more privacy-focused solutions.

By sharing your data with the platforms direct, that provides a more customized, controlled means to utilize such insights, and subsequently maximize campaign performance.

For optimal results, TikTok also recommends that advertisers implement the TikTok Pixel to provide direct data flow.

“On average, advertisers using TikTok Pixel and Events API together see 19% more events captured and a 15% improvement in cost per action.

It’s an increasingly important consideration, and as more brands look to tap into TikTok for their promotions, it’s important to consider all of your options on this front.

You can read more about TikTok’s updated Events API here.

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