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TikTok Launches Big Brand ‘Deal Days’ to Promote In-Stream Shopping

TikTok’s making yet another push on in-app shopping, this time via new “Deals For You Days” in the app in the U.S.

TikTok Deal Days

TikTok’s Deals For You Days will see big brands share discounts in the app, across a range of trending products, which TikTok’s hoping will get more people browsing and spending in-stream.

As per TikTok:

“Starting on July 9th, trending brands like L’Oréal ParisMaybelline New YorkNYX Professional MakeupOur PlaceToo Faced, and Zwilling USA are offering huge savings exclusively on TikTok Shop in the U.S. Merchants and creators can participate in content challenges for short video and LIVE shopping events, where they can interact directly with their followers and share their favorite products and best-sellers.”

Those challenges will then provide expanded promotion for these shopping deals, via UGC, which will ensure that even more people are aware of TikTok’s latest in-stream shops push.

Which TikTok is dead-set on making a thing.

The main impetus here is based on TikTok’s success with eCommerce in China, which has now become the key revenue driver in the local version of the app. Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, generated $300 billion from e-commerce sales in 2023, which is almost 100x more than TikTok made in the same period.

At the same time, TikTok has seen some success with in-stream shopping, in South East Asia in particular. But it hasn’t caught on with Western shoppers in the same way.


TikTok seems determined that the steady increase in in-app spending will eventually lead to more shopping activity, and its Deal Days are its latest attempt to stimulate this, in order to maximize its revenue potential in the U.S.

Before it’s too late.

TikTok may well be gone from the U.S. as of early next year, and it seems that it’s pulling out all the stops to really test the waters with its eCommerce elements, because maybe, if it starts to see a significant uptick in sales, that’ll broaden its case for remaining in the U.S. Even if that has to be in a lesser form.

In addition to offering expanded product deals, TikTok will also be hosting a range of “Deals For You Days” live shopping events, which will offer exclusive discounts on popular trending brands and retailers in real-time.

“Brands like Benefit Cosmetics and COOLA, along with record breaking creators such as simplymandys and Canvas Beauty founder Stormi Steele will be hosting TikTok LIVE shopping events. In addition, Tati Westbrook will be going LIVE on TikTok and showcasing her favorite beauty and lifestyle products.”

TikTok’s in-app spending is increasing, and there does seem to be some potential there. But can it become a transformative shopping platform, in addition to its short form video roots?

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