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TikTok Highlights Parenting Content in New ‘Parents of TikTok’ Campaign

While TikTok is largely dominated by younger users, many older groups are now active in the app, while parents, both old and young, also use TikTok to connect with relatable content and communities, in order to share their experiences and challenges.

With this in mind, TikTok has announced a new “Parents of TikTok” campaign, which it says will aim to “celebrate, support and spotlight this inspiring and authentic community”.

Parents of TikTok

As per TikTok:

“From October through to January, we will be working with a cohort of parenting creators, hosting community workshops and producing a TikTok guide for any parents new to the platform and keen to discover the TikTok community and learn more about online safety. So whether you are a parent of a teenager, about to begin your journey to becoming a parent, or are simply looking for five minutes of escapism, it’s time to embrace TikTok.”

TikTok will host a range of parent-related content as part of the activation, which will be accessible via a new #ParentsofTikTok hub in the app.

This hub will be the go-to destination for any parent or primary caregiver looking to find their fellow community.”

Parents of TikTok

As TikTok notes, it’s also creating a new guide for parents, to help them understand how to use the app, and how to ensure that their kids remain safe when they use it as well.

TikTok already has various resources available on this, including its Guardian’s Guide which outlines its various tools and options to protect younger users.

It’s an interesting element of focus for the app, though clearly, parent-related content is popular with TikTok users. The hashtag #ParentsofTikTok has already driven over 44 billion contentviews, while others including #Parents (71.6b), #NewBorn (43.4b), #FirstTimeMom (15.7b), and #BabyTips (1.5b) are also seeing high engagement.

And as more TikTok users age up, it’s likely to become an even bigger element of focus, so it’s a good initiative to help link into that growing content stream and usage.

TikTok’s new “Parents of TikTok” hub is now live at this link.

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