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TikTok Highlights its Top Content Trends of the Year

Can you remember all the key TikTok trends of 2023?

There were a lot, as explained by TikTok:

2023 on TikTok was the year we embraced the culinary delicacies known as girl dinners, shared know-before-you-go tips from the biggest concert tours of the year, asked ourselves “what can’t we make with cottage cheese?” and couldn’t stop thinking about the Roman Empire. From foolproof recipes to funny skits, throwback tracks and thriving small businesses, the global community continued creating, connecting and celebrating on TikTok, influencing culture and impacting lives.

If these are just now jogging your memory, then the 2023 “Year on TikTok” overview could be a ride, highlighting all the key trends of note that sparked engagement in the app throughout the year.

As shown in the clip, there were a heap of smaller trends and points of interest, which likely lit up areas of your brain in recollection of their brief time in the social media sun.

TikTok’s trend report highlights all the biggest videos of the year, including the top 10 clips among U.S. users:

  1. @dollievision: A simple and stunning makeup routine
  2. @justinflom: An Iron Man DIY worthy of its own world premiere
  3. @through.the.lleaves: The biggest kitten we’ve ever seen
  4. @selenagomez: The relatable pre-flight routine we’ll all be adopting
  5. @chrishoffish: When you sound this good, the world (or a parking garage) is your stage
  6. @thezachchoi: Mesmerizing food ASMR
  7. @kaaaathhhhy: Tiny pooch, big complaints
  8. @kristy.sarah: The only onion-cutting hack you’ll need
  9. @tubbynugget: A soothing and sweet reminder that will put a smile on your face
  10. @bwpottery: It’s even tough for the pros – a months worth of pottery blunders.

TikTok’s also shared the top five global clips, as well as an overview of key music trends in the app.

There are also listings of “Breakthrough Stars”, top celebrities, best-performing small businesses in the app, educational clips, and more.

That final topic is interesting, in regards to how TikTok is looking to share more enriching, beneficial videos, along with the usual throwaway fare. In China, the local version of the app is actually required to highlight educational, beneficial content, in order to ensure that the youth don’t get led astray by prank videos and frivolous dances.

That’s more in line with the CCP’s strict controls over media, but it does seem like a beneficial push, to at least some degree, in helping to facilitate societal benefit through the app’s massive reach, as opposed to merely popularizing random social experiments.

Either way, if you’re looking to get a better handle on key TikTok trends, and what users are looking for in the app, and engaging with, its “Year on TikTok” summary is a worthy read, providing links to all the various clips and creators showcased.

You can check out TikTok’s full year in review here.

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