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TikTok Expands In-Stream Concert Ticket Sales via Ticketmaster Partnership

After initially launching its Ticketmaster in-stream purchase partnership in the U.S. last year, TikTok will now enable users in more regions to buy tickets to shows in the app, via an expanded collaboration with the global events giant.

TikTok Ticketmaster

As displayed in this example, users in over 20 markets will now be able to purchase event tickets in the app, via direct integration with Ticketmaster which will facilitate its in-stream purchase flow.

As explained by TikTok:

The partnership promises to bring music fans closer to their favourite artists, as it expands in the U.S. and launches for the first time in the UK, Ireland, Australia, Germany, France, Canada, Mexico, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, Spain and Sweden. Now, any Certified Artist on TikTok in participating countries can use the Ticketmaster ticketing feature to promote their live dates and connect with fans around the globe.”

TikTok says that, thus far, the collaboration has been a success, with many high-profile and lesser-known artists using the integration to help promote their upcoming shows to their expanding TikTok audiences. Indeed, TikTok says that it’s facilitated more than 2.5 billion views of videos utilizing the Ticketmaster integration since launching the option in the U.S. last August.

It’s another way for TikTok to deepen its roots in the music scene, with the platform already becoming a critical consideration for many artists trying to reach a wider audience.

Research shows that TikTok users are increasingly likely to both discover and share new music content on the platform, while record labels are also leaning into the app as a key tastemaker, with some even changing the names of their songs to better align with in-app trends.

This month, TikTok is also hosting its first real-life concert event, as it looks to double down on its music discovery power, and solidify its industry presence.

Given these trends, incorporating ticket sales makes perfect sense. And it might also help TikTok get its in-stream commerce initiatives moving, by providing more things for users to buy in the app.

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