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TikTok Announces Third Annual TikTok Short Film Competition

TikTok has announced that it’s hosting its third annual #TikTokShortFilm competition this year, as part of its broader partnership with the Cannes Film Festival, providing TikTok creators with an opportunity to showcase their short films, “and be discovered by over 1 billion people around the world”.

As explained by TikTok:

“From February 21st to March 15th, 2024, we invite creators to take part in the competition by submitting their original 1min+ videos in TikTok’s signature vertical format using the hashtags #TikTokShortFilm and #TikTokShortFilmCompetition. Winners across three categories: Grand Gagnant, Best Script and Best Directing, will be selected by a highly-acclaimed panel of judges and will be invited by TikTok to present their work and receive their prizes, during the #TikTokShortFilm ceremony that will take place in Cannes (France), at the time of 77th edition of the Festival de Cannes.”

Interesting to note that the video has to be in vertical format, considering TikTok’s more recent push to get more landscape videos in the app.

The Grand Winner will receive a cash prize of 10,000€ (approx $US10,700), while winners of the Best Script and Best Directing categories will receive 5,000€ ($US 5,350) each to support their projects.

And for the first time this year, US creators will be able to take part, which will expand the pool of talent for the festival, and provide more opportunities for aspiring filmmakers.

TikTok says that various past winners and participants have gone on to kickstart their film industry careers, with the short format providing a valuable showcase for emerging talent.

Over the past year, more than 2 million videos have been created globally with the hashtag #TikTokShortFilm, which saw an increase of almost 180% in videos created compared to 2022.

It’s also a good way for TikTok to get more creative content into its app, by putting increased emphasis on exposure and opportunity for aspiring film creators.

It could be your chance to take your first steps into the world of cinema, and to build an audience with your work. And for brands, it could also act as a showcase of potential creators who you may want to partner with on future in-app promotions.

You can learn more about TikTok’s Short Film competition here.

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