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TikTok Announces Themed AR Effects and Top Hashtags for Halloween

TikTok has announced its latest Halloween activations, including a range of spooky-themed AR effects and visual tools to help users take part in the event.

The main element of TikTok’s Halloween push is make-up inspired effects, which will help to guide users on their Halloween looks IR, or re-create freaky monsters from horror movies.

TikTok Halloween

There’s a range of make-up generation options in the app, which can make it easier to decide on your Halloween look, while also providing options to share with your TikTok audience.

TikTok’s also running a “Spooky Halloween” challenge with AR effects creators, with Effects House users eligible to win up to $2,500 for the best, most original spooky effects.

The competition launches on October 12th, which will see even more Halloween effects coming into the app.

You can learn more about the competition here.

TikTok has also shared a listing of some of the most popular Halloween hashtags in the app, to help you tap into trending discussions and elements.

Some of the top tags to include to join in the spooky celebration are:

#Halloween (179.1B views)

#TikTokHalloween (17.8B views)

#HalloweenMakeup (11.6B views)

#HalloweenCostume (10.5B views)

#PumpkinSeason (9.3B views)

#SpookyTreats (4.4B views)

#HalloweenDecor (3.6B views)

#BooBasket (215.6M views)  

#12ftskeleton (155.2M views) – in reference to the giant skeleton decoration available at Home Depot

#HorrorBookTok (111.6M views)

#spookybooks (34.8M views)

As you can see, there’s a heap of Halloween-related discussion in the app, and adding these tags could be a good way to get into the relevant streams and community chats that could help to amplify your message.

And for brands, that could definitely be worth considering. According to TikTok, nearly 80% of its users say that TikTok “inspires them to buy or try new products”. As such, hooking into the Halloween hype could be a good way to maximize your promotions over the next few weeks.

You can read more about TikTok’s Halloween activations here.

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