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TikTok Announces Rockerbox Partnership To Improve Campaign Attribution Tracking

As we head into the holiday season, and more marketers are looking its way, TikTok has announced a new partnership with attribution platform Rockerbox, in order to provide more advanced insight into TikTok campaign performance, via additional analytics from Rockerbox’s insights.

TikTok Rockerbox

Rockerbox provides more direct performance data, so you can better link your TikTok campaigns with actual sales results, through direct integration of data from the platform and the vendor.

And now, it’ll have access to more direct TikTok insights, enhancing its measurement offering.

As explained by TikTok:

Thanks to this partnership, all Rockerbox clients can now have access to deeper insights into TikTok’s impact on their customers’ purchasing journey, enabling them to optimize their marketing strategies and get more from their ad investments.”

The new partnership will enable Rockerbox users to glean a range of new insights, via tighter integration with TikTok’s platform.

Among the various elements, Rockerbox will be able to provide advanced data on in-stream clicks and views (and how they relate), along with comparative performance benchmarks, improved analytics, attribution tools, and more.

TikTok says that it also plans to expand on this in future:

As our partnership matures, we aim to give all Rockerbox customers the opportunity to take advantage of view-based measurement. Rockerbox customers will have access to exclusive thought leadership and activation strategies with proven results. Combined with the powerful capabilities of TikTok’s Attribution Analytics solution, brands will have all the tools needed to redefine and optimize their attribution strategy to drive efficient growth on TikTok.

As noted, many, many brands are looking to tap into TikTok this holiday season, in order to use its viral reach capacity to boost sales for the period. The key to this, other than standout video clips, aligned with TikTok user behaviors, is to understand exactly what the audience response is, then iterate on what’s working.

This new integration will provide more insight into this, and it could be a valuable complement for many marketing teams.

You can read more about the new TikTok/Rockerbox partnership here.

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