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TikTok Announces Platform Trend Data Integration With Adobe Express

TikTok’s expanding its AI-powered Creative Assistant tool to Adobe Express, with Express users now able to add the assistant as an add-on within the app.


???? TikTok Creative Assistant add-on is here!✨ Your new TikTok creation bestie ???? Gain TikTok-first guidance, tackle creative blocks, generate scripts and images, discover insights from Top TikTok ads, and more all within Adobe Express.

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As you can see from this video overview, now, TikTok’s Creative Assistant, which is also available in TikTok’s own Creative Center, will be available in Adobe Express as well, enabling you to prompt the bot for fresh ideas and inspiration, based on TikTok trends.

TikTok’s Creative Assistant, which it launched last September, essentially combines all of its Creative Center elements, including trend search across hashtags and songs, top ads, keyword insights, and more, and builds them into a conversational chatbot, so you can more easily discover what you need for your campaigns.

The bot can come up with creative inspiration, provide real-time updates on in-app behaviors, and even generate full video scripts for you, based on simple prompts.

And now, Adobe Express users will have direct access to these tools in the app, which could make it much easier to come up with impactful TikTok content approaches directly from the video editor.

It’ll be interesting to see if TikTok looks to expand this third-party partnership further, and enable more tools to incorporate its linked insights tool. It’ll definitely be a valuable addition, and if more apps can utilize the same, it could put a lot more TikTok insights within easy reach for a lot more content creators.

And with more advanced editing tools also available in the Adobe editor, that combination could be powerful.

It’s an interesting use of conversational AI to power direct platform insight, which could be a valuable complement for those using Abode Express.

You can read more about the new integration here.

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