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TikTok Announces New Taylor Swift In-App Experience

Now that TikTok is allowed to use Universal Music artists again, it’s looking to highlight arguably the biggest recording artist of the moment in a new, dedicated in-app experience.

TikTok Taylor Swift

That’s right, Taylor Swift, who’s currently on her biggest-ever world tour, is getting specific focus on TikTok with a new “Eras Tour Experience”.

As per TikTok:

“[The Eras Tour Experience] will give Swifties a chance to win album-branded profile frames and collect digital friendship beads to build the ultimate friendship bracelet. Each week, fans will have the opportunity to complete new album-themed tasks where they will earn themed-profile frames and digital beads to create their own in-app friendship bracelet.”

The campaign will run for 11 weeks, with fans prompted to undertake various tasks in the app to win these digital gifts.

So what are the tasks?

Well, based on the examples shown in the above image, the initial tasks include:

  • Follow Taylor Swift
  • Follow Taylor Nation
  • Watch a #TSTheErasTour video
  • Share the campaign
  • Add to Music app
  • Create a post

So a mix of direct promotions for Swift and the Eras Tour, as well as personal engagement elements. Which will then see you rewarded with digital gifts. And if you play along for all 11 weeks, helping to boost promotion of the tour, you’ll be able to win all the prizes awarded via the campaign.

In addition to this, the new Taylor Swift in-app experience will feature video highlights from each tour stop, and a playlist tied to each week’s album theme.

“To access the #TSTheErasTour, fans can click the anchor that appears alongside Taylor Swift content on TikTok or interact with the search banners that appear when searching related terms such as #TSTheErasTour. Fans can view their digital friendship bracelet beads and profile frame collections on the homepage of the in-app experience, and achievements from completing tasks will also appear as pop-up messages.”

It’s a significant promotion for Swift, who’s hugely popular in the app.Indeed, TikTok says that content related to The Eras Tour has already surpassed 5 million creator videos, underlining Swift’s major appeal.

Which was a big concern during TikTok’s recent stand-off with Universal Music Group over usage rights. Swift is signed to Universal, and Universal was seeking a better deal from TikTok for its artists, while TikTok views its platform as being more beneficial in promotion than Universal thinks. The stand-off was finally resolved in May, after three months of no Universal Music artists in the app.

Which is why TikTok is now looking to latch onto the Eras Tour as it continues around the world.

It’s a smart promotion, both for TikTok and Universal, and highlights the potential of TikTok for music engagement.

Yet, at the same time, it also underlines what artists may be missing if TikTok gets removed from the U.S. next year.

Will TikTok be as valuable if it’s not available in the U.S.? Will artists continue to prioritize TikTok in the same way, or shift to other platforms? It’s another element in the TikTok sell-off push.

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