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TikTok Announces Expanded Premium Ad Placement Options

TikTok has announced an update to its premium ad placement option, with brands using its top-end “Pulse” ads now set to have more publisher content to place their ads alongside.   

TikTok’s Pulse offering enables big brands to maximize their ad placement in the app, by ensuring that their promotions appear adjacent to some of the most popular content from premium publishers and creators.

TikTok Pulse

Which can have a big impact. According to a study published by TikTok earlier this year, when ads are served next to trending content, viewers see the ad as more relevant and more favorable, driving higher purchase intent (+9%).

And now, Pulse advertisers will have more options, with TikTok signing up Paramount Global and the National Hockey League (NHL) to its suite of placements for Pulse promotions.

Already, advertisers can place their ads with content from Conde Nast, Dotdash Meredith, Hearst, Vox, MLB, NFL, WWE and more.

TikTok Pulse

And now, big brands will have more ways to maximize viewership, by selecting relevant placement based on audience and engagement in the app.

In addition to this, TikTok’s also adding more specific placement options for Pulse campaigns, including:

  • Pulse Custom Lineups: Custom Lineups leverages the power of generative AI to curate an offering of the platform’s hottest trending, brand-suitable content tailored to specific marketing needs for more precise and relevant content adjacency.
  • Pulse Premiere Tentpole Moments: In collaboration with our partners, we are now offering special Pulse Premiere lineups designed to cover tentpole events and cultural moments, including the Paris Olympics Games from NBCU and The Met Gala from Vogue.
  • Pulse Premiere IP Lineups: We are also expanding the suite of Premiere lineups to allow advertisers to buy against specific networks and IP from NBCU (including Saturday Night Live, America’s Got Talent, TODAY Show, Bravo, and more) and Paramount Global (including MTV, CBS Sports, The Daily Show, Entertainment Tonight, and more).

The new options will make it easier to reach specific, large audiences with your campaigns, by ensuring relative exposure alongside these popular clips.

In addition to the new Pulse placement options, TikTok has also announced new partnerships with third party ad measurement providers, to give advertisers more options for measuring their campaign performance.

Now, in addition to TikTok’s existing collection of ad verification partners, brands will also be able to get ad placement and reach verification from:

  • iSpot.tv – Which will offer Cross-Media Reach Measurement across campaigns with a linear TV component
  • Nielsen ONE Ads – Which will also offer Cross-Media Reach Measurement through Nielsen’s industry-leading tools.

TikTok already has varying measurement partnerships with DoubleVerify, Integral Ad Science, and Zefr, with these new elements providing more assurance for brands seeking to re-affirm their TikTok ad spend.

These are helpful additions to TikTok’s ad suite, which are more aimed at higher-end brands, but could provide more opportunities for some smaller businesses also.

I mean, these are pricey add-ons for campaigns, but there are now more ways to use TikTok’s ad targeting to reach more specific, large audiences.

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