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TikTok Adds More Metrics to Provide Further Insight into How TikTok Ads Drive Conversion

TikTok’s looking to provide more insight into the actual impact of TikTok ads on conversion, by implementing a whole new measurement that will better link ad exposure to conversion activity.

TikTok’s new “Engaged View-Through Attribution” (EVTA) metric will measure conversions that take place after a user views an ad for six seconds or more, but doesn’t click, then goes on to convert within seven days.

As explained by TikTok:

“It’s not always a simple click-and-convert scenario when a user views an ad on TikTok. By allowing you to measure conversions influenced by views of six seconds or more, you’ll gain a more holistic understanding of TikTok’s impact on your business.”

The process will provide expanded insights, based on shared data inputs.

Further, TikTok says that, when combined with its other recently introduced ad measurement options, like its Self Attributing Network (SAN), EVTA can provide much more data on ad response and engagement, and how TikTok promotions actually drive conversions.

Improved conversion tracking has been a key focus for TikTok this year, as it looks to highlight how it can influence purchase behavior, even if that’s not reflected in its current metrics.

Back in September, TikTok shared a report which showed that last-click attribution, the most common attribution tracking method in online marketing, undervalues TikTok conversions by 73%, while 79% of purchases that are driven by TikTok are not captured through common attribution methods.

EVTA is the next step on this, as TikTok continues to implement new solutions which both adhere with evolving data tracking limitations, and provide more insight for marketing teams.

You can read more about EVTA here.

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