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TikTok Adds More Local Agencies into its Marketing Partner Program

TikTok has announced an expansion of its TikTok Marketing Partners Program, with ad agencies now added into the mix, providing more direction towards local experts in TikTok campaign creation.

TikTok Marketing Partners

TikTok has been running a test of the program with ad agency partners in Asia, and now, it’s launched the first stage of its global rollout of agency partners, who are local experts that are officially endorsed by TikTok for their platform expertise.

As per TikTok:

“Brands can now turn to agencies across the globe to build and optimize high-performing TikTok campaigns. The badged TikTok Agency Partners have a proven track record of success on TikTok, and are trusted by advertisers to develop TikTok-first campaign strategies to achieve their goals.”

Originally launched in 2020, TikTok’s Marketing Partner program has been steadily expanding to include more elements, including creative partners, measurement experts, commerce advisers, and more.

TikTok Marketing Partners

And now, you’ll have even more options to help optimize your TikTok approach, with approved agency assistance providing insights to help inform and guide your TikTok campaigns.

Historically, it was difficult for brands to find agencies that could support both media-buying and creative optimization needs on TikTok. These agencies have been vetted, trained, and badged based on their expertise in using TikTok-style creative assets as a lever for media optimization. They can operate as a one-stop shop for advertisers across marketing objectives, from driving upper-funnel awareness and site traffic to lower-funnel conversions and e-commerce sales.

It could be a good way to optimize your TikTok marketing approach, and with more brands looking to tap into the popularity of the platform, you can bet that a lot of them will be seeking assistance, especially given the organic content focus of the app.

And now, you’ll have direct guidance via local experts on TikTok promotions.

You can check out TikTok’s full list of Marketing Partners, in all categories, here.

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