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Threads Rolls Out Toggle to Opt Out of Having Posts Visible on Facebook and IG

Good news for Threads users, with Meta now rolling out a new toggle that’ll enable you to opt out of having your Threads posts displayed in highlight modules on Facebook and Instagram.

As part of Meta’s expanded effort to promote Threads, it’s been highlighting Threads posts from people and profiles that people may know in its other apps, in order to herd them over to the rising Threads discussion.

Which makes sense, especially considering the huge reach that Meta has in its bigger platforms.

But some users have been less enthused about having their Facebook and IG connections follow them over to Threads, where they may be sharing things they don’t want friends and family to know about, or they may just want to keep each separate.

In response, Meta began testing an opt-out toggle earlier this month, which is now being made available to some users in the latest version of the app.

Threads Facebook opt out

As you can see in these screenshots, posted by researcher Jorge Cabellero, some users are now able to access a new opt-out in their Threads settings, enabling them to keep their Threads posts within the app.

Not all users have access to the option yet, but it is seemingly coming, which will be welcome news for many whose heart skipped a beat when they realized that their friends and family could well be exposed to their random Threads rantings.

It’s a logical update, which, realistically, most people won’t activate anyway, meaning that Meta will still have plenty of opportunity to cross-promote Threads content in its other apps.

But for those who don’t want that to happen, they’ll soon have a way to cut it off.

If you’re using the latest version of Threads, the option may be available in your settings, under the “Privacy” section.

UPDATE: Instagram chief Adam Mosseri has confirmed that this new option is being rolled out to all users.

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