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Threads Rolls Out Side-Swiping Post Interest UI to All users

After testing it out with selected users over the past few months, Threads is now rolling out its side-swiping post interest UI to all users.

Threads swipe test

As you can see in this example, Threads users (in the mobile app) will now be able to swipe right to indicate that they like a post, and want to see more of this type of content, or left to signal that they’re not interested.

As per Instagram chief Adam Mosseri:

So now, you’ll have a direct means to influence the Threads algorithm, and improve the recommendations that you’re shown in the app, which could be a big step in improving user retention and engagement.

And really, Threads needs its own indicators on this. Thus far, Threads has been largely reliant on Instagram, and your interests in that app, to dictate your Threads feed. But the way that people use each app is very different, and often, the recommendations it gives me, based on my IG activity, are not what I want in a real-time social stream.

As such, this is a good move, and the UI is intuitive. Threads just has to hope that the word gets out to all users, because while the functionality is now available, I suspect that most people either won’t be aware of it and/or won’t use it, unless Threads takes a more explicit approach in communicating the change.

But it is a good update, which will help to refine and improve the Threads experience, and ideally show people more of what they like.

And as Threads refines its algorithmic matching, that could play a more significant role in providing a more functional Twitter replacement.

The Threads team is keen to avoid political discussion, and certain other elements, in order to avoid the toxicity that eventually choked Twitter, but some users do want to see this type of content, in order to stay informed throughout the day.

This could be a way for Threads to better facilitate this, without letting political division take over the app.  

The only other question then is what the broader implications of this up and downvote like system will be.

Will Threads use these swipes as an indicator of popularity more broadly? Will they be measured at post or profile level?

For example, if an account is getting heaps of left swipes, that probably indicates that people don’t like its content, which could see it penalized by the algorithm at an account level.

We don’t know how Threads is going to approach this as yet, but it’s another feedback element that could guide engagement mapping.

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