Threads continues to roll out new updates, as it works to provide feature parity with X, and capitalize on rising interest.

First off, Threads users posting video in the web version of the app can now edit their alt text on videos and images, improving accessibility.

Threads added alt text editing capacity when posting from the mobile app back in August, enabling users to add custom descriptions to their visual uploads.

Threads update

Now you’ll be able to do the same on the web. The new functionality is being rolled out to all users from today.

Web users can now also add attachments to their Threads posts by dragging and dropping them into the composer, which makes it much easier, and faster, to compose your Threads updates.

There’s also some new data insights, with the capacity to see a full listing of those who’ve quote posted or reposted an update by tapping into the Likes count.

Threads activity

As you can see in this example, you can now tap through to the specific listings to glean more specific insight into post activity. That could be handy for tracking your engagement, and ensuring that your content is resonating with the right audiences, while also keeping tabs on the broader discussion.

Threads has also made it possible to add multiple posts to a Thread, broadening your engagement tools, while it’s also developing a new option that’ll let you opt-out of having your Threads content displayed on Facebook and IG as well.

Threads suggestions

As we reported last week, as part of its push to promote the app, Meta is also showing Threads highlights in its other apps. But some users don’t really want their Facebook connections to know about their Threads activity.

Soon, you’ll be able to opt out of this.

These are some good updates, as Threads continues to refine its functionality, and provide more ways for people to interact within the app. And again, with more users making the migration from X, amid changes at the former bird app, now is the time for Threads to improve its in-app experience, and build on its initial foundations.

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