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Threads Now Lets You Hide Both Like and Share Counts on Your Posts

Here’s a small, but handy update.

A change within the latest version of Threads enables you to hide both Like and Share counts on your posts in the app.

Threads share counts

As you can see in this example, shared by social media expert Matt Navarra, the new listing now enables you to select “Hide like and share counts” in the post detail screen. Previously, you could only hide Like counts in isolation.

The option is available at the post level, so you can opt to hide your like and share counts on each individual update, but you can also make this the default setting for all of your posts in the app (under “Settings”https://www.socialmediatoday.com/”Privacy”). Though if you do, that’ll also apply to your Instagram posts as well.

Engagement counts have long been a focus of experiment for Instagram, and Meta more broadly, as it works to provide more tools to help users facilitate a more welcoming in-app environment, with less pressure or judgment based on these elements.

Back in 2019, Instagram launched an initial test of hidden like counts with some users. That test showed some promise in helping to “depressurize” the IG experience, but then COVID happened and the project got shelved for a time, in order to focus on other elements.

In 2021, Instagram rolled out the option for all users to hide like counts on posts, and since then, it’s included this within its suite of wellbeing and management tools, designed to help people customize their own Instagram experience.

And clearly, there’s been some benefit to this, with IG now looking to expand the same to Threads.

It’s a good option to have, which can eliminate some of the anxiety that can come with public sharing, and with Threads being a more upfront, public app, it could arguably be even more valuable in this instance.

It’s not a major shift, but an interesting one, which could help you better manage your Threads experience.

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