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Threads’ New Topic Tags Highlight Some of the Key Areas of Discussion in the App

One of the benefits of Threads rolling out topic tags to all regions is that we can now get some idea of the most popular trending topics in the app, even if Threads isn’t overly keen on producing its own trending list.

And while it’s not an exact science, and it only relates to Threads posts that include a topic tag, web developer Max Mykhalchuk has put together an overview of the top Threads tags thus far, based on usage numbers listed in the app.

Threads tag rankings

As you can see, NBA discussion, tech-related communities, and photography are the most tagged discussions within Threads thus far, in the three full days since topic tags were made available to everyone. Mykhalchuk has also created a listing of the top hashtags in the app, though he does also note that 99% of posts on Threads use tags without the hash sign (#).

Threads tag rankings

Threads has deliberately separated topic tags from the text-based # symbol, instead implementing a system where topic tags have to be entered manually within the post, so you can’t just copy and paste text, and flood topic-based feeds by replicating posts.

As a result, you don’t have to use the # tag when linking to a topic, but you can, if you want, and they will be searchable based on that #tag.

So how do you work out the top trending Threads topics?

Well, Threads actually gives you a ranked listing of recommended topic tags whenever you go to enter one by tapping the tag button at the bottom of the composer.

Threads tag search

If you enter a single letter or number, then list the top results, you can then get an idea of the most tagged subjects, which, again, is not wholly indicative of the top trending topics in the app, as it only relates to posts that include topic tags. But it does provide some context based on this element.

It’s interesting to note the topics that are seeing more tags in the early going, and it’ll also be interesting to see how they change over time, as more people get used to adding topic tags.

Or they won’t. Another interesting consideration here is that if you search for a topic in Threads, it’ll show you all the posts that are tagged with that topic, but also, any post that includes the term, giving you a broader view of the overall conversation, not just the ones where users have added a specific tag.

That could mean that users move away from tags altogether, as their posts will still show up, but I would expect that at least some tags will gain traction, and become a significant community drawcard in the app.

Either way, it’s more context as to what people are discussing in the app.  

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