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Threads Launches in EU, Expanding Reach of Meta’s X Rival App

The next stage for Threads has arrived, with the app now available for EU-based users, enabling millions more people to access Meta’s Twitter-like platform.

The update had been widely expected, based on discoveries in the app over the last few weeks.

Initially, Threads’ European launch had been delayed due to evolving EU regulations, which meant that the Threads team needed to update the platform to adhere with these new policies. But now, it’s seemingly all good, and in alignment with the new requirements, with both Instagram chief Adam Mosseri, and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, welcoming EU users into the app.

It’s a major update for the Threads project, which, as noted, could see millions more people coming to the platform.

Though the actual numbers are probably not as high as you might expect.

Based on Meta’s EU disclosure data on active users, Instagram currently serves some 259 million monthly active users in Europe.

Instagram’s total, official user count is 1 billion MAU, while Threads now has over 100 million monthly users. So using this as an indicator, around a tenth of active IG users have also signed up to Threads thus far, which likely means that, at a basic estimate, Threads’ user count will likely jump by around 25.9 million new EU members as a result of this update.

Which is still significant, boosting Threads’ active audience by 25%. But it’s also still a way off from X, which currently claims some 250 million daily active users.

It’ll be interesting to see whether more recent interest in Threads has boosted its usage numbers, with various communities seemingly on the rise in the app, including NBA fans, who are clearly seeing more Threads activity. If Threads is able to tap into some of these trending discussion groups, that could see it cross the 200 million MAU benchmark very soon, if it hasn’t already.

But still, X remains the leader in the real-time social race.

Though that lead is not insurmountable, with X also seeing around 400 million MAU. Indeed, if Threads gets to 50% of that count by year’s end, within 6 months of its initial launch, that should be a concern for X, though mostly, owner Elon Musk seems more intent on picking fights via the platform based on personal grievances, and using X as an ideological example, as opposed to growing the app.

It’s difficult to know exactly where X stands in this respect, because the numbers reported by X are highly questionable, and if it continues to lose advertisers, that could be largely irrelevant either way, as it won’t remain a sustainable business without increased ad spend.

Though even as an aside from X’s growth concerns, 200 million is a solid user base for Threads, and a strong foundation from which to build from, in carving its own niche.

I do think that Threads will reach that milestone by year’s end, and that will be enough to keep Meta focused on developing the app, and building it into a billion-user platform. Because the ad potential alone will be worth increased investment, especially as more advertisers move on from X.

Like it or not, use it or not, Threads is likely here to stay, and could present many new opportunities moving forward.

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