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Threads Adds Separate Link URL To Help Track Referral Traffic

This is a very handy update for social media managers and web admins.

Instagram has now added a new, dedicated domain for Threads, separate from Instagram itself, which will make it easier to track referral traffic from your Threads posts.

As Instagram chief Adam Mosseri notes, you’ll now be able to see the specific referral traffic insights from Threads within your analytics app of choice, which, for most of us, will be within your “Acquisition” listings in Google Analytics.

And as more brands look to make Threads a bigger priority, that could become increasingly important in understanding how much focus you should give the app, and how to build the most effective Threads strategy.

Does your traffic improve if you re-post your links the next day? Do different times of day drive more click-throughs? In the absence of Threads analytics, this is currently the closest you’ll get in uncovering these insights, which could help you map out your approach to the app.

It’s a smaller change in the broader scheme, but an important one, and a precursor to Threads releasing a full API, which will eventually enable expanded functionality, including post scheduling, in the app.

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