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Threads Adds Light Mode Option in Desktop Version of the App

Here’s a small update, though people do tend to get super hyped about light/dark mode options, so…

Threads recently added a new option to switch to light mode in the desktop version of the app.

As per the above example, you can now tap on “Settings”, then “Switch Appearance” to switch between light and dark mode on your desktop PC.

There are also light and dark modes in the mobile app as well, but the option isn’t available within the Threads app itself. The Threads app will follow your device’s overriding light and dark mode settings, so if you want to switch it, you can do so in your device options.

Which is not entirely ideal, especially for those who prefer one over the other at all times. But it does exist, just not in a direct response capacity.

Light and dark mode settings do serve a practical purpose, with dark mode helping to reduce blue light exposure, which can help you sleep better, according to some studies. But most people just have a personal preference for one or the other, and as such, I would expect that, eventually, the option will be made available in Threads direct, as opposed to only adhering to your device settings.

But on desktop, you can change it anytime, which could be worth noting if you’re spending more time in the app.

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