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Snapchat Shares Data on the Key Drivers of Effective Brand/Creator Partnerships

Snapchat has published a new report which looks at consumer sentiment around creator content, and how people respond to paid partnerships and promotions within the app.

In partnership with media intelligence agency MAGNA, Snap’s report is based on a survey of 5,000 active Snapchat users across five markets (U.S., U.K., Saudi Arabia, France, and Australia), and provides some interesting considerations around the perception of brand/influencer partnerships.

First off, the data shows that the vast majority of users are open to seeing brand-sponsored content from creators.

Snapchat Creator Campaign Report

As you can see in these stats, Snap users across generations are generally okay with brand promotions, within the right context. But that context is key, and the main point of note emphasized repeatedly within the responses is “trust”, and the importance of creators building a link with their audience.

Snapchat Creator Campaign Report

In order to establish such, Snap says that creators need to look to share more authentic experiences, as well as data-based facts and insights.

Snapchat Creator Campaign Report

Another consideration is the importance of transparency, and keeping the audience aware of paid partnerships:

“Almost all users (89%) say it’s important for creators to make it known that their content is sponsored by a brand. This is especially true when planning for creator campaigns on Snapchat. Transparency ultimately leads users to trust creators more and engage with the brand.

Snapchat Creator Campaign Report

So again, the main emphasis is on honesty and trust within the consumer/creator relationship, and ensuring that you reinforce that with your campaign, in order to maximize resonance.

I mean, you probably could have guessed that, but it is interesting to see the value that users place on each element, and to consider how this can be applied in your creator partnerships.

This is also why vetting your influencers is key, in order to ensure that they’ve built an audience based on the same foundations, which will then ensure that their recommendations of your products are authentic and valuable to their audience.

It also points to the value of determining the exact right creators for your products, as they’re going to be more genuine about a product that they genuinely like and use. All of these elements factor into your planning, and as you can see in these numbers, are critical in ensuring the best-performing campaigns.

You can read Snap’s full report here.

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