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Snapchat Publishes New Data Showing App Facilitates More Positive User Experiences

Snapchat says that it’s the top social media platform that users associate with joy, and a happy experience, which also makes it the best place for brands to connect with consumers in a more positive space.

That’s according to a new study conducted by Mindshare, in conjunction with Snap, in which Mindshare analyzed how different social media platforms fulfill various consumer needs.

As per Snap:

“Mindshare’s NeuroLab revealed the unique strengths of each platform for delivering against “need states”. Snapchat emerged as a top platform associated with Joy compared to other platforms.”

Snapchat Mindshare Study

As you can see in this graphic, Snapchat had the highest rating for the “joy” need state. Which is interesting considering the way in which people use the app to connect with friends, in that Snap is not further aligned with “belong” and “connect”.

Mindshare’s study analyzed non-conscious neurological responses among participants when using different apps, including brain wave monitoring and galvanic skin response, i.e. hand sweat based on arousal. Based on this, Mindshare’s Neurolab team was able to come to some clear conclusions about the value of Snapchat for users, based on how they physically respond when using the app.

As per Snap:

Snapchatters find genuine happiness while using the platform because it allows them to express their truest selves to their closest friends and family. Using neuroscience, we saw that their engagement with content on Snapchat far surpasses other social media platforms.

Snapchat Mindshare Study

I would note the limited sample size here, with just 60 Snapchat users included in the analysis. But even so, there are some strong indicators in the data, which point to Snap providing a more engaging, joyful in-app experience.

Snap also notes that previous studies have found that 82% of Snapchat users feel more connected with friends and family when using the app, while 81% indicated that the app makes them feel “more free of judgment” when compared to other platforms.

Which also, Snap says, extends to brand promotions as well:

“Ads on Snapchat elicit a 1.6 times greater level of engagement, leaving viewers feeling more positively about ads on the platform. The influence of these positive emotions extends to how users perceive brands on Snapchat. Brands are seen as more relatable and less dated, while ads on Snapchat are viewed as 1.2 times more positive and 1.3 times more playful compared to other social apps.

Snapchat Mindshare Study

Snap says that these results show that even though it may not have the same scale and reach of other platforms, it may actually be more valuable for your promotions, because of the emotional state in which its users receive your brand messaging.

“Brands that recognize and embrace the emotional power of Snapchat can create authentic campaigns that resonate with Snapchatters in a positive environment. This, in turn, results in increased brand recommendations, higher purchase intent, and a perception of brands as relatable and modern.”

The stronger engagement and positivity signals in the app essentially provide more fertile ground for brand promotions, which could increase the value of Snap ads for the right brands and campaigns.

Some interesting notes, which could influence how you view Snap for your promotions.

You can read Snap’s full study notes here

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