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Snapchat Launches New 16-Bit Game Which Guides Participants Through the Pitching Process

Snapchat has launched a new, 16-bit interactive game, which takes agency staff through the basics of building a Snapchat brief, and covers the key details of an effective Snapchat ad campaign, in an interactive way.

The game, which you can access here, is fun to play, and provides some key insights on campaign building, which could help to guide your process.

Snapchat agency game

As explained by Snapchat

The experience features four mini games for players to explore. Each highlights a stage in the pitch process, from the brief, to the team brainstorm, to building the deck, and, of course, the final presentation. And because we love to surprise and delight, there are also a few easter eggs scattered throughout, including an augmented reality bonus game and relatable agency chatter.”

The game lets you choose a character, and an industry brief for your in-game experience.

Snapchat agency game

You then get to walk around the agency office, using the arrow keys to guide your character (note: I played on desktop).

Throughout the office, there are different characters that you can interact with, with the first element providing an overview of some of Snap’s in-app tools, like ”My AI” (which you can try out in-game).

Snapchat agency game

But the main aim is to build your pitch, which you do by taking part in various mini-games that are highlighted within each section.

Snapchat agency game

Each element provides a basic mini-game to help guide you on your way, while you can also download a strategy document, which provides a template for your chosen campaign, with real-life ad tips.

Snapchat agency game

It’s a fun way to boost engagement among agency staff, while also providing some guide notes for non-agency advertisers and marketers.

The focus is more on fun than in-depth, custom notes, but it’s worth having a look around, and getting additional pointers on how to put together an effective Snap ad campaign.

In addition to this, Snap’s also running a high score competition in the app, with the winning agency to be awarded a $4,500 donation to a charity on a shortlist provided by Snapchat. You have to be employed by a Snap partner agency to qualify (list here), but it adds another element to the new activation.

You can try out Snap’s “Agency Adventure” for yourself here.

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