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Snapchat Announces New Generative AI Features, DM Editing

Snapchat has announced a slew of new features, with a focus on generative AI, as it seeks to keep users engaged and connected in the app.

First off, Snap’s adding a new option that will enable users to create custom clothing for their Bitmoji characters, by using AI prompts.

Snapchat update

As you can see in this example, with Snap’s AI prompts, you’ll be able to ask the Bitmoji creation system to come up with unique items, that’ll then be placed onto your character.

As per Snap:

With a short description, and a little help from AI, Snapchatters can design their own digital garments for their Bitmoji. Generate unique patterns like “vibrant graffiti” or “skull flower,” and tap on your favorite to edit and see your clothes transform.”

It’s an interesting option, and considering the popularity of Snap’s Bitmoji characters, it’ll no doubt prove popular, providing another way for Snapchatters to utilize generative AI within the app.

Snap’s also adding reminders within its “My AI” chatbot, so you can use it as a kind of digital assistant.

If you need to remember an upcoming deadline, or want to start a countdown ‘til the weekend, just ask My AI for a reminder in direct chats or in a conversation with one other friend! With just a quick message, My AI will get you set up with an in-app Countdown so you never miss a moment.

Snapchat update

It’s another option for My AI usage, which could provide more utility.

Snapchat’s also adding a new AI-powered Lens which enables users to get a glimpse of what they’d look like in the 90s, by placing them into a simulated scene from back in the day.

Snapchat update

I mean, some of us know what we looked like in the 90s, and it wasn’t as cool as this, but it’s another AI integration that provides an alternate depiction in the app, similar to Snap’s “Dreams” feature.

On the non-AI front, Snap’s also enabling chat edits, so you can update your DMs for up to 5 minutes after sending.

“When you made a typo or something didn’t come out just quite right, edit your messages for up to 5 minutes after sending them, before your friend replies! This feature is coming soon and will be available first for Snapchat+ subscribers.”

So Snap’s going to use this much-requested feature as bait to lure more Snapchat+ subscribers first, but it’s another handy option that will be coming soon to the app.

Snap’s also adding “Map Reactions”, which will enable users to spark conversations from the Snap Map.

Snapchat update

As you can see in this example, with Map Reactions, users will be able to send an emoji prompt to friends who are also sharing their location on the Map.

That’ll add another way to get in touch, and a casual means to maybe prompt another user nearby to catch up IRL.

Finally, Snap’s also adding expanded emoji reactions, which will enable users to respond to a DM with any emoji that they choose.

These are some interesting updates, and it’s particularly interesting to see how Snap’s looking to integrate generative AI, given its nous for tapping into updates that resonate with its users.

Most of the generative AI features that we’ve seen in social apps thus far seem kind of clumsy and jammed in, with each seeking to tap into the tech trend of the moment. But Snap’s options are a little more in-tune, with additions that provide more functional enhancement, as opposed to “because we can” style extensions.

Which could make them more valuable over time, and could help Snap drive more usage, and more Snapchat+ sign-ups.

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